Panda Doing Homework With Friends

With recesses getting shorter and workloads at school getting bigger, kids are getting to have less and less free time. Is this really good for our children? One mom thinks not.

When Bunmi Laditan’s 10-year-old daughter started experiencing chest pain and waking up in the middle of the night dues to stress, Laditan decided enough was enough. So, even though her daughter loves independent learning, the mother of 3 emailed her daughter’s school to let them know she was done with homework. Following the email, Laditan wrote a now viral Facebook post about how her home is now going to be homework-free: “My kid is done with homework. I just sent an email to her school letting her know she’s all done,” Laditan writes. “I said “drastically reduce” but I was trying to be polite because she’s finished.” The post has gone viral since with over 53k likes, 12k shares, and thousands of parents from all over agreeing with her.

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When a girl started getting chest pains because of too much homework, her mom decided enough was enough

“My kid is done with homework. I just sent an email to her school letting her know she’s all done”

Pants are warm. Pants are soft. Pants are for pandas? No, absolutely not, according to the adult panda in Panda Pants, by Jacqueline Davies. But baby panda desperately wants a pair of pants—with pockets, please!

As parent and child wander through the bamboo forest debating the merits of pants, sharp-eyed readers may notice the tell-tale signs of danger stalking the pair. When a leopard attacks, will it be the end of our pandas? Or, can quick-thinking baby panda save the day . . . with a little help from a pair of pants?

Davies’ clever dialogue will have readers rooting for the irrepressible baby panda, no matter what objections are thrown at him. It’s in Sydney Hanson’s illustrations, though, that this story really shines. Soft, watercolor backgrounds invite the reader in. The emphatic glee and hopeful optimism of baby panda and the growing annoyance of the adult panda are charmingly obvious, and readers young and old will enjoy looking for the leopard throughout the book.

Panda fans will also want to check out Chendu Could Not, Would Not Fall Asleep, by Barney Saltzberg, and Xander’s Panda Party, by Linda Sue Park, while those looking for more pants picture books will enjoy Claire Messer’s Grumpy Pants.

This fun picture book encourages the early learning skills of print awareness, vocabulary enrichment, and reading. Learn more about our Grow a Reader programs here.


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