Pharmacist Assistant Cover Letter Template

A cover letter is a key ingredient in any job application and should not be written hastily or without thought. Although you must have the necessary experience for a position, as detailed on your resume, a cover letter can help you stand out among the many people applying for the same job.

To get started, it can be helpful to use a free pharmacy assistant cover letter sample like this one. This inspiration, along with the provided tips, can help ensure you don’t overlook any important information.

Free Pharmacy Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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Dear Mr. Pierce,

The pharmacy assistant position advertised in last Sunday’s paper sounds like it is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been working in a similar position for the last two years in a smaller pharmacy and am ready to change to a place where there is more growth potential.

In my current position, I’ve had the opportunity to assist in all the tasks of a full pharmacy, including customer service, inventory management, and prescription labeling. However, due to the relatively low sales volume, I feel that my skills are not as utilized as they would be in a larger company such as yours.

I like to be active and work hard, and to be intellectually stimulated on the job. I’m the type of person who would rather be kept busy the whole time I’m working, rather than have a lot of downtime. Being productive is a great way to learn, which will help me to be better at my job and, hopefully, to advance in my career.

I would love the opportunity to discuss with you how my experience and go-getter attitude can be put to work for the XYZ Pharmacy. Thank you for your time.

Create Your Cover Letter

What to Include in a Pharmacy Assistant Cover Letter

As you can see from the free pharmacy assistant cover letter sample above, you do not want to repeat the information in your resume. Refer to the specific job advertised and explain what about it attracts you and how your skills fit the employer’s needs. Keep the tone professional and be appreciative of the hiring manager’s time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

It’s important to highlight your skills that are relevant to the position being hired for, and these should be added to the free pharmacy assistant cover letter sample above. Here are some of the skills that employers look for in applicants for these positions.

• Detail-Oriented: The health of a person may be at stake, so a pharmacy assistant needs to pay close attention to tasks such as prescription labeling.
• Customer Service: A pharmacy assistant is often the first person a customer talks to and is, therefore, the face of the pharmacy. Service must be polite, professional, and compassionate.
• Communication: It’s important that communication between doctors, pharmacists, and customers is free-flowing and accurate, and sometimes a pharmacy assistant may be in the middle of this.
• Organizational Skills: Pharmacy assistants have a wide variety of tasks that must be done throughout the day. They must be well organized in order to get prescriptions rapidly but also deal with customers as they come in.

Jemima Grey
25 Hail Avenue
Armidale NSW 2350
M: 0400 000 000


Kate Dome
Dome Pharmacy
45 Main Street
Armidale NSW 2350

RE: Pharmacy assistant role

Dear Ms Dome,

I am writing to apply for the pharmacy assistant role recently advertised on

I am a high school graduate taking a year off before commencing a Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of New England. I have experience in providing high quality customer service, having worked part-time in retail/sales and hospitality while studying at high school.

I have a high level of both written and verbal communication skills and am also very competent using both a Mac and PC computer. I also have experience using retail computer software and am quick to learn new systems and processes. I enjoy working within a team environment but am also able to work autonomously when necessary.

I believe that my skills and future studies make me an ideal fit for the current position. I am a hard worker, punctual and efficient, and I genuinely enjoy working with people in a customer service capacity. I have a positive, friendly personality and would welcome the opportunity to join your team.

Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to discussing my suitability with you further.

Yours sincerely,

[sign here]

Jemima Grey


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