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RIT recognizes the importance of preparing students for successful careers in a global society.

Through the Work Abroad Program we aim to expand our employer partnerships to offer more international co-op, internship and other related work experiences, and welcome you to partner with us in providing these opportunities for highly motivated and qualified students to gain significant experience in living and working outside the United States.

Our goal is to ensure that at least 10% of our more than 3,500 co-op students work abroad annually, enabling them to become effective leaders in the global marketplace through firsthand exposure to other cultures and work environments.

Program Benefits

In addition to the several benefits typically enjoyed from hiring our co-op students, there are many unique advantages associated with employing our co-op students for work assignments abroad. Students working abroad:

  • Typically have already completed at least one co-op, so they are mature and prepared to be effective members of your workforce
  • Are passionate about being successful in a global economy, and are committed to applying best practices in your workplace
  • Bring knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and can provide training to your employees on those technologies
  • Can apply their English language skills to projects, in addition to their technical know-how and creativity
  • Are a source of qualified candidates, who will have expertise in their field as well as global experience, to fill your future full-time positions

How We Prepare Our Students

Before our students take part in a work abroad experience, we ensure they are ready to effectively applying their skills to your workplace by:

  • Require at least 1 year of language training for the country in which they will be working
  • Provide cultural adjustment training and tips for living and working abroad
  • Offer training on health and safety practices when living and working overseas
  • Assisting with work permit and visa paperwork as needed
  • Provide ongoing communication and support while students are abroad

Partnering with RIT

Joining RIT’s Work Abroad Program is easy! Simply take the following steps:

  • Develop a job description aligned with your company’s interests and needs, and contact us at 585.475.5479 or mjroce@rit.edu for assistance with posting your position. This position can be for a 4-8 month timeframe, and should be beneficial for both the student and your company.
  • Provide compensation that minimally covers the cost of living in the country. Our students are responsible for their travel to your location overseas; however, we appreciate any assistance you can provide in locating housing close to your company’s site.
  • Provide appropriate training and mentoring to the student.
  • Complete an online evaluation of the student’s work performance.

To join our Work Abroad Program, please contact Maria Richart, mjroce@rit.edu, Associate Director for International Outreach, who can answer any questions you may have about
RIT’s Work Abroad Program and assist you with listing your position.

Selected Corporate Partners

The following companies have joined RIT’s Work Abroad Program to provide students co-op and internship positions abroad:

Briggs of Burton PLCCIS Abroad
Box InternationalCultural Vistas
FOGRA, GermanyDAAD German Academic Exchange Service
SchottDream Careers
CunardGlobal Experiences
Xerox Research Center EuropeA Door to Italy

University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, Wales

Job Offer Guidelines and Principles for Ethical Professional Practice

Please Note: we adhere to National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Job Offer Guidelines and Principles for Ethical Professional Practice

Going abroad for a work assignment is a big step, not only for your social and family life, but also for your career. Those who take the leap abroad soon find out whether and how this experience can give their career a well-deserved boost.

In previous articles we have addressed the many issues you might come across while abroad. However, you will also come across many new professional opportunities. If you are bold enough to take that huge step and hop on a plane, you may get a lot of good things out of your time abroad as an expat.

The longer you stay, the more time you have for a fully-fledged expat experience. However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how long your assignment takes: Even being an expat for only half a year will enhance your chances in the company hierarchy or on the job market significantly.

The Effects of an Assignment Abroad

Moreover, your experience abroad can give you additional confidence. If you are adventurous enough to embark on a new assignment in another country or even become a “self-made” expatriate, you have already proven adaptability and determination. Paired with your newfound confidence and self-reliance, your experience abroad will greatly increase your chances on the job market.

Sue (24) used to be the shy type in college. “I wasn’t exactly a mousy wallflower,” she says and laughs, “but, yeah, it was pretty close sometimes.” When she decided to go to Ghana for a year and teach English and Arts in a rural community development project, she was almost as amazed at her own courage as most of her friends.

Gaining Confidence

Upon her return to Texas, Sue quickly realized how her assignment abroad had given her new confidence. Soon after she came back, she landed her dream job with a non-profit art project in Houston, Texas. “You just know that you have accomplished something. And after a whole year in Ghana, a couple of job interviews weren’t all that scary anymore.”

Just like Sue, you will thrive in the new working environment if you are equipped with patience, calmness, tenacity, and a well-developed sense of humor. An assignment abroad can be the perfect opportunity to further your personal development. Your manners, appearance, and behavior will change as your assignment gives you an air of new-found competence and confidence.


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