Cima Gbc 2014 Case Study




This report aims to prioritize, analyze and evaluate the current issues facing Merbatty. The report begins with a strategic and financial analysis of Merbatty and the industry. The 4 main issues Merbatty facing have been categorized into 2 broad categories, namely issues that threaten  business and profitability and plans relating to expansion and marketing.

The first issue


the late delivery of a hull from its supplier Topcrest 

. The team recommends that in the short term, Merbatty should cancel the contract with Topcrest and complete the order on time and find more suppliers in the long term.

The second issue



, is the second largest shareholder of Merbatty, but Alberto Blanc, the Chairman, still views Merbatty as his personal property. Also, Alberto is fond of doing charity, but JKL


 Investment Director, Simone Lellet thinks it is absolutely a cost. The recommendation is that Merbatty should strengthen the communication of the shareholders. Alberto needs to remove his idea that he can control Merbatty completely.

The final issue


the ethical implication

 from accident at work. The accident arose from

one of Merbatty’

s employee, called Paulo, arrival for work high on drugs. He fell off and broke his leg .His addiction to drug reminds us to show concern for the ethical issue of the company. With regard to expansion and marketing plans, Jesper (Marketing Director) wants to build and

race a speedboat 

 in the competition. But his father, Alberto (chairman) disagrees with him. Merbatty should accept the proposal in relation to the racing boat. This is due to the increasing demand for the large boat and this increasing demand will enhance brand awareness.

The interior design supplier 

 for the new boat building facility in the Middle East is still not found. There are two design companies available: Cooper Designs and Arabian Interiors. Merbatty should choose Cooper Design as it has a long history and a good reputation. Stefan Gil (sales director) wants to employ sales staff to replace the agents, but Marie Lopp (HR director 

) has a recognition of agents’ work 

. It can be dealt with by combining both sale staff and agent.

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